Core Values

Values that drive That Neighborhood Free Health Clinic:

  • Dignity: We uphold a mutual respect for each person’s intrinsic value.
  • Holistic Care: We encourage excellent, compassionate healthcare: ministering to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of our people and their neighbors
  • Sustainability: We build upon the assets and resources of the community, in order to facility sustainability.
  • Participation: We maintain a constant dialogue with our community to improve the services we provide.
  • Integrity: We seek to be honest, accountable, and transparent in all our practices and interactions.
  • Sensitivity: We esteem each person’s culture and individuality in humility.
  • Holism: We engage numerous strategies to address the multi-faced nature of poverty.
  • Justice: We advocate for society’s most vulnerable members in all forums.
  • Compassion: We maintain a deep care for the hurting in our community.


  • To provide medical healthcare services to the marginalized in our neighborhood and community in the name of Jesus
  • To share the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ with interested patients and colleagues
  • To work with our Affiliate Organization, That Neighborhood Revitalization Corp., to bring renewal to our neighborhood and community


  • Maintain a state-of-the-art primary care health clinic in the targeted area
  • Provide timely ACCESS to all in need of primary or specialty healthcare, regardless of age, race, or ability to pay, in order to avoid frequent, disjointed emergency rooms visits
  • Create a convenient PATIENT-CENTERED MEDICAL HOME for those in the neighborhood and surrounding communities
  • Show substantial improvement in the health of the community
  • Expand to provide health education
  • Expand to provide wellness programs