Over the past five years, Paul Chandler, PA-C along with Glenn Carlson and the Governing Committee have worked to open That Neighborhood Free Health Clinic (TNFHC) to serve the residents of the Vistula Neighborhood. Over the summer of 2013, we remodeled 5 rooms on the first floor of the YMCA building at 306 Bush St. with the help of many volunteers and a generous donation from The Anderson’s. At just the right time and in God’s timing, ProMedica and the Toledo Hospital donated several thousand dollars of equipment to furnish the rooms, including exam tables and waiting room chairs. On December 6 2013, we held an open house raising 4500.00 dollars; and on Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014, we opened the doors to our first patients.


We have been serving the Vistula neighborhood providing health care that up until Jan of 2014 had not been available. We have gone from seeing one to two patients a night to seeing 10 to 12 patients a night. In 2014 we had 477 patient visits and in 2015 we had 668 patient visits, for a total of 1145 patient visits. In addition, we have created strategic partnerships with ProMedica and the Toledo Hospital, the University of Toledo (UT) Center for Health and Successful Living. We have also continued to work on building partnerships with Toledo Public Schools (TPS), 1 matters, One Village and others. Financially we have gone from being around 8,000 dollars in the red to around 9,000 dollars in the black. We have a base of volunteers that are committed to the clinic and our patients that give not only of their time, but of their finances as well.


Over the past two years we have identified needs in the community that either were not identified previously, or were not seen to be as big a need as they really are: things such as availability of labs and x-ray. Diabetes and Hypertension are epidemic in the neighborhood. The need for classes to teach our diabetic patients about their disease and how to care for themselves nutritionally, as well as hypertensive education for our patients became exceedingly clear. We therefore moved forward with procuring CLIA waived lab equipment and can now do Basic Metabolic Panels (BMP), Liver Profiles, Hemoglobin A1C, and Lipid Panels all in house. We also obtained a 5,000-dollar grant from ProMedica and the Toledo Hospital for labs that cannot be done in house. We also partnered with University of Toledo (UT) Center for Health and Successful Living to provide health education and coaching for our patients. In addition we have partnered with the UT Physician Assistant Program to have physician assistant students working in the clinic on a volunteer basis with our physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, to enhance their education and serve our patients.


In the past year we have unfortunately lost Glenn Carlson as our Administrative Director, who had to step down due to health, and the individual that was to take his place stepped down as well. We are currently without an Administrative Director, but we continue to move forward and serve our neighbors.

We look forward to continuing to provide free quality care to our neighbors and patients, and to improving the scope of care we are able to provide in the future. Any suggestions for improvement or concerns are encouraged. You can always contact us at